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Weight loss post 40 with the Fast 800 Diet

Post 40 weight loss - A Free From Life

Having never had to worry about my weight, I’ve found, post 40, that it’s begun to creep up and I’m struggling to keep it off.

I had time off exercise before Christmas due to an injury, and the weight I put on during that time has stuck with me. Since then, I’ve tried Dry January, No Sugar February and a low carb approach to eating.

Since I don’t drink masses of alcohol and have very little sugar, not surprisingly, those approaches didn’t work. The low carb option wasn’t having much of an effect either.

It was when it came to picking out an outfit for a recent party that it really hit home that I needed to do something about my weight. I couldn’t fit into any of my dresses! Okay, so it was an excuse to buy a new one, but I wasn’t at all comfortable with that.

After speaking to a few people, I got myself a copy of the Fast 800 book by Dr Michael Moseley.

Immediately, this approach made sense to me. You drop your calorie intake down to 800 per day for at least the first two weeks. Also, during this time, you eat between a window of 10 or 12 hours and fast for the rest. This puts your body into ketosis, where you burn stored fat and it has dramatic results.

This is certainly true for me, as I only started it at the beginning of this week. Here we are, on Thursday, and I’ve already lost 2lbs.

The idea is, you move on to a 5:2 approach, which means eating normally for five days and doing the fasting (800 calories) on the other two. I think this is manageable and from what I’ve read, seems a sensible, healthy approach to eating, in general.

My time-restricted eating (TRE) at the moment is between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. but in reality, I finish eating at around 6, so the fasting period is actually longer than this.

I don’t feel hungry though. The meals are more than filling me up and I haven’t felt the need to snack in between. Part of this comes down to motivation, as I’m already seeing the results.

How do I feel? Well, on Tuesday night I started with a sore throat and yesterday felt rough. Last night, I woke up with stomach pains, similar to how I’ve felt with food poisoning. And today, I feel like I might actually be physically sick. I’m guessing this is kind of a detox feeling my body is going through and I’ll hopefully come out of the other side feeling much healthier.

Let’s hope so. I will keep you informed.


Sugar fasting and eating healthily for Lent

Green Smoothie - A Free From Life

Although I try to be healthy most of the year round, every Lent, I make a special effort. As a Catholic, growing up we were always asked to give something up for Lent. It’s supposed to be a period of reflection and prayer in preparation for Easter, one of the most important dates in the Catholic church.

Most people have heard of Lent even if they don’t celebrate or participate in it. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was the day when people used up their larder ingredients in preparation for the fasting period of Lent. That’s how we came to have pancakes on this day, because it’s an easy way to use up butter, eggs, milk and flour.

For me, Lent is a period of time, with a beginning and an end. That means I can discipline myself that little bit more, to make sure I don’t waiver from my goals. I give up sugar and I eat as cleanly and as healthy as I can.

The first time I did this, it was difficult, but since then, I’ve included less and less sugar into my diet, so each time I do it, it gets that bit easier. This is my third year and I’m keeping to this little tradition I’ve started because over the course of the year, a little bit of sugar does creep back in to my diet.

That’s fine though, I’m not beating myself up about it. If I fancy a cherry and almond slice from Costa then I’ll have it, but during Lent, there will be nothing like that.

I’ve started my week on a soup and smoothie cleanse. The soup is my simple leek and swede recipe and I made a big batch of it at the beginning of the week to see me through.

Gluten, dairy and nightshade free soup

The smoothie is apple, cucumber, celery and spinach, topped up with coconut water.

Green Smoothie - A Free From Life

Breakfast has been my overnight oats, with some banana and almond butter stirred in to make it extra filling.

Overnight oats - A Free From Life


Snacks have been mixed nuts and I’ve had a meal in the evening with the rest of the family.

I won’t carry on eating like this until the 24th March, when Lent is officially over, but I will keep you informed about what I add to my diet and how I get on.

Giving up sugar is easier than giving up coffee.

For me that is anyway. I once gave up coffee for Lent and found it ever so hard. Even though I only have one coffee a day, it’s kind of like my one vice and if I’m giving up sugar, I think I will keep my morning coffee as something to look forward to. I just won’t be having a sweet treat to go with it that’s all.

Have you given up anything for Lent?