Coconut, strawberry and banana dairy free ice cream
An easy, no churn vegan ice cream that makes a tasty, creamy dessert
  1. Pour the strawberry milk in to a large lidded container and place in the freezer. Take out at half hour intervals and whisk.
  2. Whizz a chopped banana in a food processor until smooth. Add the frozen coconut milk and whizz again until fully incorporated.
  3. Return the strawberry/banana mix back to the lidded container and freeze until required.
  4. Allow to defrost a little before scooping out and serving.
Recipe Notes

The nice thing about Koko Dairy Free milk is that the coconut flavour is subtle, not overpowering. The milk is clean and fresh to taste and the fact they add calcium is a bonus and peace of mind when raising a dairy free child.

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