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The Fast 800 Diet – One Year On

It was a year ago this month I was due to go to a party.

Fast 800 Diet one year on - A Free from Life

The dress code was ‘glamourous’, so I pulled out my old frocks from the wardrobe in the spare room.

None of them fit.

I was absolutely gutted.

I knew I’d been putting on weight, but had been in denial about how much.

The only thing to do was buy a new dress, of course! Which I did. But it didn’t stop me feeling bad about myself.

It was in conversation about this at the party that I was introduced to the Fast 800 Diet. I bought the book the next day, read through the science, was suitably convinced and cracked on with it.

A few weeks later I had not only hit my goal, I’d surpassed it.

And I’m happy to say I stayed that way. That is….

Up until the lockdown!!

Yes I, along with millions of others, will blame the lockdown on my diet and good habits going out of the window.

As ashamed as I am to admit it, it’s true though. The start of the lockdown was such a stressful time, I found myself taking comfort in a glass of wine or three, in an effort, I suppose, to calm my anxiety and block out what was going on in the world.

It’s not ideal to turn to alcohol, I know. And I’m not saying it was a bottle a night or anything, but my previous habit of not drinking at all during the week was completely out of the window and very quickly at that.

So too was my no snack rule. You know what I’m talking about – the afternoon lull where it’s near-on impossible not to reach for the biscuit tin. Again, another comfort I wasn’t prepared to deny myself from any longer.

So, to counter balance all this, I upped the exercise, which at least I can give myself a pat on the back for.

But it wasn’t quite enough. Inevtibably, some of the weight went back on.

Thankfully, though, nowhere near as much as I lost. It was just a few extra pounds that I lost again when I re-did the Fast 800 a couple of weeks ago. I just needed a few days of being good to re-set. And now, I’m keeping off the booze during the week.

As for the snacking, well…. I’ve just had a coffee and some biscuits!

I’m trying, I really am, but some days you just need that extra boost, don’t you?