How the vegan movement is benefiting those with dairy intolerance

I’ve been writing about our issues with gluten and dairy intolerance for years now.

How veganism is helping those with dairy intolerance

Having one child with dietary needs and two others who don’t comes with its own issues and we have always done our best to work around this. However, things have changed in a number of ways over the years I have been writing this blog and I thought it was about time I wrote an update.

My youngest is now almost eleven and within the last year, has started eating gluten occasionally and without any ill effects. When he was diagnosed with his intolerances at aged four, the Paediatrician told me there was a possiblilty the gluten intolerance would be permanent, but that depended on how much damage had been done by the undigested lactose affecting his system.

Fast forward to now and he still doesn’t eat dairy, but will have lactose free products now and then. If he has any dairy by accident, the effect isn’t immediate and doesn’t cause too much of an issue.

This means, we’re now in a much better place, particularly when we go on holiday or out to eat. We don’t have to worry about cross contamination as much as we used to, but we do have to monitor his intake, as the effect is cumulative and after a few days, will begin to show itself.

During this time, I’ve given up eating dairy, due to my IBS and so has my eldest daughter. Neither of us have gluten either, but like my son, will have it on occasion. My husband doesn’t eat dairy either, so it’s only my middle daughter who will still eat a dessert when we go out to eat. How the tables have turned!

We used to find the emphasis was on gluten free, but now it seems to be all about veganism.

If we go to a coffee shop, for example, I often used to find there would be something gluten free, but which contained dairy. There was rarely anything that catered for both. Now, it seems the tables have turned and we’re more likely to get something dairy free because it’s vegan. It’s not often that it will be gluten free though, so again, we don’t get catered for both, but at least we have more choice.

Thanks to the vegan movement, we can now get sandwiches, or savoury food that doesn’t contain dairy. A few years back, this wouldn’t have been possible. Have you noticed how most sandwiches seem to contain cheese?!

When it comes to being out and about and having to buy something to eat, I can now find more options to cater for dairy intolerance, and thanks to the way things have moved on for us, if it’s gluten free, we can make the choice whether to eat it without the worries we previously faced.

Having a dairy intolerance used to be a hindrance, but not anymore. It used to be all about gluten free, but I guess the industry responds to what it sees are the latest demands or trends. Right now, it’s veganism. We’re not vegan though. We like meat, and eggs are a staple in our diet. However, we can’t have everything can we?

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