UK Allergy Blog Awards finalist

I’m an Allergy Blog Awards UK finalist

Wowsers, I only went and made it to the final of the UK Allergy Blog Awards didn’t I?

That’s down to all those of you who read and support this blog, so thank you. I appreciate it, I really do.

I’m honoured and privileged to be among some of the top allergy bloggers in the UK and I’m both excited and nervous about meeting them at the awards ceremony next year.

This blog is a resource for those with multiple food intolerance. I mainly cook dairy and gluten free for my son, but as I avoid nightshades too, I have to adapt recipes accordingly. The main point I want to prove is that it can be done.

Being gluten free is a lifestyle choice for many now and it’s not so difficult to be catered for when you go out to a restaurant. Being both dairy and gluten free is still a problem and I find it increasingly frustrating because the two often go hand in hand, particularly where children are concerned. So I may moan a lot about restaurants and other catering establishments, but I feel it’s imperative to keep hammering this point home. That is another reason why this blog is so important to me.

We went to a hotel complex in Tenerife back in October and the chefs there made desserts for my son everyday. They were incredible creations that I couldn’t believe were dairy free and kept having to ask the waiters to check. But they were and those chefs proved that you can make something amazing without dairy and with a bit of imagination.

You would be amazed how much a dairy intolerant person appreciates that bit of effort, especially a child.

What to expect from ‘A ‘Free-From’ Life

Going forward, I will continue to share my successful recipes. I intend to document some easy dairy hacks for things like ‘cheese’ sauce and whipped ‘cream’ desserts and I hope to share my discoveries as I attempt to uncover what is really behind my IBS symptoms.

I hope you continue to follow this blog and enjoy, and make use of, the posts on here. If there is anything you would like to see, please feel free to get in touch with me. Perhaps it’s a dessert you really miss, or something you’ve been craving but can’t have anymore. Maybe you just want to know more about how to cut something out of your diet without having to miss out too much. I will do my best to help you.

Whatever the outcome at the Allergy Blog Awards final next year, the important point is, there are a number of us bloggers out there doing our best to help people with allergies and food intolerances. We want to promote awareness of the issues and show that although sufferers may be a minority, they are growing in numbers and need a voice to support them.

I will leave you with this…

Our Sunday roast dinner last week included pork belly with crackling, roast potatoes and sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire puddings. All homemade and of course, dairy and gluten free. We were all so stuffed, we couldn’t eat dessert. You don’t need to go hungry when you have a food intolerance!

Dairy free cauliflower cheese - A Free From Life

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