Living with multiple food intolerances & a nomination for an award

A 'Free-From' Life

I’m honoured to find myself nominated for a UK Allergy Blog Award 2017 in the category of Nutritional Advice for excluding certain food groups and/or catering for food allergies.

You can vote for me by following this link.

A 'Free-From' Life

Why should you vote for ‘A ‘Free-From’ Life’?

I’ve written extensively about why I started this blog; the issues my son faced with his early development and my struggle to get a diagnosis for him. The short of it is that my youngest son is dairy and gluten intolerant and since being diagnosed, the way we eat as a family has changed to cater for his needs. It’s not easy to live with multiple food intolerances and I hope that by sharing my finds and success stories, I can help others in a similar position.

As a parent of a child with dietary needs, I absorb all of the stress and hassle out of finding something suitable to eat when we go out and about. I take any failings personally, along with being made to feel awkward and fussy. I also take the good moments to heart and they give me as much pleasure as they do my son.

One of my favourite moments was when we visited Baby Cakes Bakery in New York and told my son he could choose anything he wanted. When you are dairy intolerant, you can rarely eat anything from a bakery. Everything in Baby Cakes is dairy, wheat, gluten, egg and soya free, so watching his face light up and seeing his delight when tucking into a chocolate donut was one of the highlights of a very special trip.

A 'Free-From' Life

Little things like that make it all worthwhile.

Living with multiple food intolerances isn’t easy, but we do the best we can. By sharing our ups and downs along the way, I hope to highlight the issues and bring attention to the importance of catering for different dietary needs.

If you think this blog is worthy of an award, you can vote for me by following this link. Thank you so much for all your support.

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