Jersey – an island of unappreciated beauty

Jersey, Channel Islands - A Free From Life

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday morning than relaxing on an (almost deserted) beach on an idyllic island. A deserted beach in the middle of tourist season? How can that be possible? There is nothing wrong with this beach, in fact the opposite. Jersey is stunning and has… Continue reading »

Should food service workers receive basic food allergy and intolerance training?

Should food service workers be given basic food allergy and intolerance training? - A Free From Life

I say this time and again, but it’s so frustrating when you go out to eat and you’re trying to find somewhere that caters for your dietary needs. I’ve had some great experiences at restaurants and some terrible ones. I’ve come across staff who are completely clued up about food… Continue reading »

Travelling with Food Intolerances – The Ups and Downs of In-Flight Meals

Airlines traveller's guide to In-Flight Meals - A Free From Life

I know from experience what it’s like when an airlines messes up on the meal you ordered. My son, who cannot eat dairy or gluten, was given a child’s meal by mistake (a dairy and gluten fest) on a flight to America last year. There was no alternative for him,… Continue reading »

Visit to Nostell Priory – National Trust, West Yorkshire

Nostell Priory National Trust - A Free From Life

On last week’s visit to see my family in West Yorkshire, we were hoping for better weather than what we ended up with. I took my National Trust membership card in the hope of getting out and about to see some of the local area and I thought that I… Continue reading »

One Pot Bircher Muesli – Gluten Free, Dairy Free

One Pot Bircher Muesli - A Free From Life

This is a gluten free and dairy free, one pot wholesome breakfast in a jar that takes me straight back to previous visits to Germany. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating Bircher muesli, you will appreciate the smooth, creamy richness that signifies this decadent breakfast. Not for the… Continue reading »