What Food Do You Miss Most When You’re Away From Home?

Simple green salad -

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We have just returned from a week staying all-inclusive at a hotel in Cyprus. I know this sounds like the ideal holiday for anyone and it was great (more about that in another post), but there is, of course, the issue of what to eat if you suffer from intolerance and IBS as I do.

Fortunately, the buffet food on offer every night was varied and tasty, with plenty of choices to satisfy most palates. I will be writing plenty more about this trip, particularly from the point of view of my gluten and dairy intolerant son, but for this post I am concentrating more about how changing your diet affects you.

I tried to stick to white meat or fish, always with vegetables like brocoli, carrots and green beans, sometimes pasta with a creamy sauce and sometimes stir fry noodles. I’m aware of what I can’t eat, so I stayed well clear, which meant no potatoes or chips, nothing with a tomato-based sauce and no mixed salads or anything containing peppers or aubergines.

Everything I ate was tasty and I was never left wanting, but my diet for the week was so different to what it is at home, that I have returned from my week away feeling sick, as though I have over indulged.

I didn’t eat any sweet desserts, but I did have cheese and biscuits and that along with a couple of creamy pasta and vegetarian dishes makes me think that I over did it on the dairy front. When I am at home, I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. It’s only my evening meal that’s varied. I have a slice of my homemade gluten free bread with almond butter first thing and a green salad of spinach, cucumber and avocado with cooked Turkey and a pitta bread at lunch.

This might sounds dull to some but it works for me. There is no way I could eat a full English for breakfast each day, as was possible on holiday. I did eat a boiled egg with some rye toast or some halloumi cheese with omelette and grilled courgettes and carrots on most days though, followed by a plateful of meat, salad or veg and pasta for lunch and then another meal later in the evening.

My digestive system needs a holiday and I was looking forward to coming home to simple food again. What have I missed the most when I’ve been away? Well it’s the two things I mentioned above – a fresh spinach salad and a chunky slice of toast.

Post holiday detox -

I started my day (today) with a cup of hot lemon water and an avocado, as I couldn’t face anything else. Then I made a loaf of bread, ready for later. My simple salad lunch was a welcome relief from all the rich food I’ve had this week. Made up of fresh spinach, cucumber and cooked turkey, sprinkled with pumpkin and sunflower seeds and drizzled with avocado oil, it was just enough for my poorly tummy.

Simple green salad -

As we had a late flight back last night and I felt too sick to eat on the plane, I missed dinner. That’s not a bad thing, considering I didn’t need to give my digestive system any more work to do. Today has been about plain and simple food to get me back on track again.

Seen as though I didn’t have any ready this morning, I had my slice of toast as an afternoon snack. Oh how I missed this!

Gluten free bread -

See my gluten free bread recipe here.

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