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3 Gluten & Dairy Free Birthday Cakes

3 gluten and dairy free birthday cakes -

I have a dairy and wheat intolerant child, so I don’t get to buy fancy birthday cakes for him every year. Besides, I like to experiment to see if I can come up with something palatable myself.

We have three birthdays in quick succession in our house (Christmas day, and then 22nd and 27th of January). The girls aren’t intolerant to anything, but I still make them a cake that is suitable for their brother to eat. It would hardly be fair if I presented them with a fancy cake and then we all tuck in whilst he looks on would it?

I didn’t want to be a one cake pony, so I experimented with three different recipes this time. They are each adapted from recipes here and there, with some twists of my own. Of course, the decorative bit was purely from my imagination. It’s the one part where I am least creative, but they all seemed to go down well just the same.

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