Allergen labelling rules mean people with food allergies and intolerances are more confident about eating out, says FSA

Are people with food allergies and intolerances more confident about eating out - A Free From Life

Since the introduction of allergen information rules in 2014, are people with food allergies and intolerances more confident about eating out? Over 2 million people in the UK have a food allergy, with an estimated 600,000 having coeliac disease and in acknowledgement of this, in December 2014, the EU Food… Continue reading »

Pecan Cookies – gluten, dairy and egg free

Pecan cookies - A Free From Life

Few things are more comforting in life than the smell of freshly baked cookies (fresh baked bread and ground coffee are up there too). It’s home, it’s childhood memories and a great big hug all wrapped into one. ‘Free From’ cookies don’t have to be tasteless, dry or gritty and… Continue reading »

Catering for multiple food intolerances and allergies at Wagamama

A 'Free-From' Life

Restaurants should look to Wagamama as an example of how to cater properly for those with multiple food intolerances or allergies. Yes I know, I know, I moan a lot about how difficult it is to eat out when you have multiple food intolerances or allergies, but I’ll keep on… Continue reading »

Peach and blueberry cobbler

Peach and blueberry cobbler - A Free From Life

This peach and blueberry cobbler was something I literally just cobbled together at the weekend – I know, bad jokes aside, this came out of a need for some comfort food, as well as to use up whatever ingredients happened to be available. I’m trying to teach my eldest daughter… Continue reading »

Dairy free diaries

Dairy Intolerance - what you need to know - A Free From Life

My son is dairy and wheat intolerant and although I make most things to suit him, I don’t always avoid these items in my own diet. Having suffered long-term with IBS, I’ve found my own symptoms are worsened by nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, mainly). Avoiding these foods definitely… Continue reading »

Frangelico chocolate truffles

Frangelico chocolate truffles - A Free From Life

These chocolate truffles were so easy to make and took next to no time to prepare. I made them with my daughter and whilst she made a batch and added vanilla extract, I added Frangelico liqueur to make mine boozy! Have you tried Frangelico? If not, what are you waiting… Continue reading »

Christmas spiced place name cookies

Christmas spiced place name cookies

Day three of my make ahead Christmas recipes is for Christmas spiced cookies. There will be ten of us around the table on Christmas day and I like to make it look extra special for the big occasion. This year, I’m trying something different to the usual place name holders… Continue reading »